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I am a stay at home mom full time with a toddler, part-time with my step-kids.  I have a wonderful husband, though we've only been been married going on 3 years, we've been together for a better part of 7 years.  I have my degree in Education with the emphasis on History and minor in Political Science. While I will keep politics out of this blog, there may be the occasions where it may seep in when it concerns my kids or friends.  I love to cook and I have tortured my kids plenty of times with cuisine from various regions around the world. *giggle* Heck, if you can't take them there, might as well teach them about different cultures through food.

While I may talk about food the majority of the time and different things I try in the kitchen, just like everyone else, there are always other factors in a person's life that effects how they are as a person.  Over the last two years I (and my family) have been dealing with the death of my eldest daughter.  At first we suspected suicide, but after we received the autopsy report (imagine having to read that about your own child), we realized it truly was an accidental overdose. Suicide, especially teenagers as my daughter was 16 when she died, is still a subject I hold close to my heart. I had partially accepted that her death was a suicide by the time I received the report, validating it wasn't.  Then we have the difficult situation with the biological mother of my step-kids, while less said is probably better, the last 7 years has not been the easiest in relation to her.  I love all my kids whether they are born from my body or not.  I won't use any actual names, unless given permission, so here are the code names and their respective owners:

Knight in Shining Armor (KSA) = my husband

My Lauren = My beautiful eldest daughter, the only one where I will use her actual first name, 'cause she can't tell me I can't.

Miss J = my sweet, stubborn, kind, loving, beautiful (did I mention stubborn?) almost 4 year old.

Blue = my awesomely awesome, smart, handsome, typical type A personality, 9 yr old step-son.

Moo = my beautiful, smart, stubborn, sweet, talented, total middle-child syndrome 7yr old step-daughter.

Pirate Monkey = the step-kids' biological mother

Significant Other (S.O.) = Pirate Monkey's significant other

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